Your Guide to: Making the Most of Your Senior Year

End of summer gotcha down? Good news seniors- you have just one year left. Learn to make the most of your final days in high school with this fun guide to making the most of your senior year!


be grateful for YOUR TEACHERS

Think about it: You spend more time at school than anywhere else. For your last year make a point to get to know your school’s faculty and staff, and thank them for all they’ve done for you. And who knows, they might even help with those future letters of recommendation.



Before you leave high school behind, attend an event you normally wouldn’t. Haven’t been to Prom? Go! Slightly interested in what the acapella group is doing around school? Grab a few friends and check it out! Whatever it may be, like it or not, you’ll be sure to have an awesome and entertaining story to tell at the end of the day.



Whatever path you decide to take after high school, it’s probably a good idea to go through those old posts from freshman year and hit that delete button. Start your senior year off with your online image looking fresh and ready for the next step.



Good health habits start now. You’ve heard about that “Freshman 15” that finds you after high school… don’t let it happen to you! Athlete or not, take the time to figure out a fitness activity that you love now and stick with it to keep your body healthy and avoid those extra pounds.




Don’t be afraid to let yourself grow independently and explore all options of what you might want to do after high school. Allow yourself the freedom to discover what you truly enjoy and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back!



give a freshman advice

Remember how nervous you were your first day of high school? Pay it forward by giving a freshman some positive advice or lend a hand during their first week of school. It’ll make you feel like a boss and also leave a legacy in a small but important way.




Your senior year will fly by. Go out of your way to spend extra time with friends and family you may not see after graduation- and don’t forget about those pictures. Once you head out in different directions, you will be glad you took them so you can reminisce on the glory days!



What are you going to do after high school? Even though you’ve been asked by family and peers at least 100 times this summer, it really is important to make a plan for yourself. Narrow down what your interests are, visit colleges, find a travel abroad program, look into trade schools or land a job; whatever your lifestyle may be, don’t forget to make a few goals for after graduation.



Senior pictures are a must! What better way to capture this important time in your life than going all out with a fun photoshoot with friends and family. Make sure you’re all scheduled with us for this fun and memorable experience!



After all the homework, testing, applications and studying, remember to have a little fun during your final year of high school. You made it this far, so celebrate! Get involved in activities you usually wouldn’t do or have never done before. Knock some stuff off your bucket list. Go to a sporting or theater event, get involved in clubs and organizations (in and outside of school) and the obvious senior pranks and junior/senior wars (harmless, of course)! Enjoy this time that you rule the school!