Cady for schools


Cady’s claim to fame: We’ll photograph an entire school (freshmen through junior classes) in under 90 minutes

Sure, we could stick you in front of a fake leaf background, snap a couple of photos and not even tell you there’s spinach in your teeth- but we just care too much. With over a decade of experience exclusively devoted to high school portraits, combined with a dream team of dedicated photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and image editors, we’ve got a lot of passion bursting beneath one roof (or four, if you want to get technical). We can’t stop coming up with new ways to make high school portraits more fun, authentic, memorable and stunning.




We don’t like cheesy school photos anymore than you do. That’s why we apply the same eye to your portraits that we would if we were working on a national fashion magazine. We take every step we can to make sure you look your best, from what camera lens we use to the quality of the paper on your prints. We even have a dedicated production team to ensure every single detail in your final package is just right.



Cady Studios’ technology team is committed to continually improving every aspect of your experience. That’s the inspiration behind products like MyCadyStudios, and the Senior Yearbook Portal offered exclusively for schools that makes producing your school yearbook easier and more efficient. Add to that a mobile-friendly site with access on the go and our Senior Dashboard, giving you the power to change orders and move sessions with just a few clicks. We strive to make our products and services as accessible as possible, without lowering our ridiculously high standards even a millimeter.


customers first

People are the most important. That’s why during our busiest seasons we make it a priority to be available to our customers and resolve each and every one of your questions. Each school is assigned their own Cady Studios representative to help with everything from setting up picture day to ordering student ID cards. Throughout every step of the way, we are available to school staff, students and parents via email, phone and live chat. To start your own conversation, visit Customer Experience.



Any company is only as good as its people, and we want a “dream team”. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that whoever comes on board with us is the perfect fit for Cady Studios’ fast-paced, creative and personable atmosphere. To learn more about the people behind your senior portraits, check out Our Team.