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Maria Yuncoza

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Maria Yuncoza perfectly embodies our core value of being “Fanatically Passionate”. Her passion has driven her around the world and led her to the Cady team, where she works as a photographer. Born in Venezuela, Maria found her love for photography as a teenager and carried it with her, as she moved to an additional 3 countries by the age of 25. She felt that photography was almost another language she was able to learn and communicate with. She completed her master’s degree in fine arts photography last May. She was only given three months to find a job in her field, in order to remain in the U.S. She had been offered positions in other countries, but loved her community and potential career path in the U.S.

“I felt so much anxiety not knowing what was next.”

Soon after, Maria moved to the Atlanta area, and was approached by Cady Studios- a team that clearly saw her drive and passion. Since joining our team, she has been able to assist in leading studio and event photography, and plans to teach high school students about photography through the Cady Photography Internship Program. Her passion is evident and fruitful, and we are so thankful that she chooses to be “Fanatically Passionate” in her capacity at Cady!