17 Things to Do Before Graduation

With graduation right around the corner, now is the time to get in all those last minute bucket list ideas! We’ve compiled a list of 17 easy to do mini celebrations that lead up to graduation day.

School Spirit


1. SHOW OFF SOME SCHOOL SPIRIT.  It’s senior year! Get in the spirit of things.

2. ACE A FINAL. Study hard and make an A.

3. TAKE A TRIP. Pack some things and hit the road. Even if it’s just a day trip.

4. APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP. Free money for school can be extremely beneficial.

5. EAT AT A HISTORICAL RESTAURANT. See what the hype is about.

6. BE INSPIRED. Let someone or something inspire you to be greater.

7. GO TO A CONCERT. Pick your favorite band or even a new one.

8. CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Whether you’re going into the workforce or to college, people are watching.




9. GO TO A LOCAL FESTIVAL. Spring and summer are perfect times to explore free festivals. 

10. HAVE A GAME NIGHT MARATHON. Call your friends over and pull a fun all-nighter.

11. LEARN HOW TO COOK A MEAL. Now is the time.

12. BAKE COOKIES FOR YOUR FAVORITE TEACHER. They are your favorite teacher so treat them! 

13. LEARN HOW TO SKATEBOARD. Think of how cool it’ll sound to tell people you skateboard in your spare time. 

Skateboard copy



14. CREATE A JOURNAL. Chronicle those last moments of your senior year. You will love it when you look back years from now.


16. SPEND A SATURDAY VOLUNTEERING. YMCA, humane society and homeless shelters are all great places to spend your day giving back.

17. CELEBRATE! You did it! You are graduating. Throw a party. Have a dinner. Just celebrate this wonderful milestone.