Senior Feature | Leighton

leighton | CLASS OF 2015 | west nassau High



What’s been the best part of senior year?

The best part of my senior year was no doubt, Homecoming Week… From being on Homecoming Court, to being in the Homecoming parade, and even being part of all the dress up days. It’s something that I’ll never forget!


My favorite part of taking senior pictures would have to be when I was in the English Garden scene. My photographer was seriously cracking me up the entire time, and we just had so much fun. Not to mention, my pictures for that scene turned out to be my favorites! 😀

Finish this sentence: I will always remember…

…the day I got my first college acceptance letter. It’s a moment that you dream about all of your life, and it just doesn’t seem real when it really happens.

How have you changed since freshman year?

I would definitely say that I’ve changed since freshman year. I was an awkward little 9th grader who kept to himself and just never really knew how to have fun, but now as a senior I can see where I have totally grown and matured and just broken out of my shell and blossomed into a guy who wants to be friends with everyone.

What advice do you have for the class of 2016?

My advice to the class of 2016 would be, to just enjoy your senior year! It can be so easy to get all wrapped up in college applications and finishing up your credits, and trying to fill out forms for financial aid and “Senioritis” starts setting in big time… But just try to remember that this is your last time EVER being a high schooler, so just take advantage of every second!!! Senior year goes by so fast.

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