Photo Day Survival Guide


You’ve laid out your outfits and shoes, made sure your hair is nice and you’ve gotten plenty of sleep. The essentials are out of the way, but what about those little things you don’t think of?


SAFETY PINS & BINDER CLIPS. Some outfits just look better when they’re not hanging off your body. Binder clips and safety pins will ensure that everything is snug and in place.

A SNACK. Grabbing a granola bar or banana will be the perfect boost of energy during your session.

LIP BALM. We can Photoshop out a lot of things, but chapped lips isn’t one of them. Make sure to keep your chap stick on hand to keep your lips moisturized.

BOBBY PINS. Hey, stray hairs happen. That’s why having extra bobby pins on hand will be extremely helpful in keeping them tucked away.

AN EXTRA OUTFIT. Sometimes you just change your mind so an extra outfit is always a good idea.

NAIL POLISH. Chipped polish is definitely something you will notice in your senior photos so bringing in your polish. 

MAKEUP. If you’ll be doing your own makeup, make sure to bring it in for touch ups and any last minute color changes you decide to make.

BLOTTER. If you have oily skin, bringing in blot wipes will help keep down on shine.