Your Guide to: Making Premier Photoshoots Look Like Your Own ESPN Ad

Just one week separates the Meadowcreek Mustangs from their first football game of the season in Norcross, Georgia, where Cady Studios spent Saturday capturing the anticipation and excitement of the south’s favorite sport with a Premier Athletic photoshoot.

Football: A way of life.

Every year fans, families and players gather together each Friday night under the lights to cheer on their favorite team. Generations of locals and newcomers alike step into the stands and onto the field with the same goal: to win, make their school proud and to look good doing it.

This is where you’ll find Cady Studios, right beside them capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Premier photoshoots are more than your average picture day for school teams, clubs and organizations. These events put a more personal spin on the photos for schools; ones that customize the look and feel of the school so that students, parents, coaches and fans have for years to come.



01. Bring the Props

Meadowcreek Mustangs or not, it never hurts to gather up a few items for the event that maximize the message that is displayed for all to see. Instruments for the band, game boards for the chess team, name it and Cady Studios will find a way to make it look next level.


02. Flex those muscles


Meadowcreek grabbed the weights for a muscle-car, mustang combo session. Muscle pics or not, showing off for the camera isn’t a bad thing- especially when all those multi-talented students get together to flaunt what they’ve got. Don’t be afraid to let personality shine through!



03. Have fun

This is a time in your students’ lives that they will never get back. Often times, sports and clubs are the main sources of enjoyment for kids that help them get through the school day. Premier photoshoots are a fun way for schools, teams, families and fans to get the best photos representing their school (and their favorite students).