Inside Customer Experience

Name. Chast Whalen

Title. Customer Experience Team Lead

Time in Position. 1 year and 8 months

Describe your job in one sentence. Bottom line – take care of the customer.



8:05 am. “Inquiries and escalated messages,” says Chast. It’s 8 o’clock and Chast is at his desk reading and responding to the emails that have been sent overnight. He then picks up the phone and begins listening to voicemails as he prepares to make call backs to parents and students.

9:00 am. It’s game time! Customer Service is officially open and the calls are about to pour in. “You better have your coffee by now,” Chast says with a smile. The customer service team is ready to rock and roll.

10:15 am. “I have a parent on the line trying to book for Saturday,” says customer service rep, Monica. After a few swift keystrokes and a call to the Jacksonville studio, Chast explains, “The parent that just called realized they booked a Legacy Session but they have decided they want to upgrade to a Most Popular Session.” Here is where Chast often steps in and incorporates Cady Studios’ Core Values, “Be easy to do business with.” As Customer Service Team Lead, Chast ensures that the team is doing everything possible to build helpful and trusting relationships with our customers.

11:00 am. If he wants to get lunch in, Chast better go now. He will generally go earlier so he’s available during the busier times.




12:15 pm. Back from lunch, Chast is following up with the Customer Experience Team, making sure everyone is in a good place for the usual 12:00-2:00 pm rush of calls and inquiries.

1:30 pm. Things have definitely picked up and Chast finds himself multitasking several things. There’s a parent on line 1, he needs to expedite an order with production and he has a meeting in 5 minutes. “You have to be able juggle everything, prioritize and know that your work is never done.” he says citing Cady Studios Core Value number 4, “No excuses”.

3:00 pm. By this time, the department has handled hundreds of phone calls, in addition to all the live chats and emails. All of this is monitored on a flat screen beside Chast’s desk. “This program shows us details on all the calls we handle such as answer time and ticket resolution time.”

4:00 pm. Chast is on a call with a parent that wants to surprise their child with his senior photos for his upcoming birthday. They placed their order on time but just want to be sure it will come on by his party. Chast accommodates the parent by expediting the production process and shipping the photos through 2 day mail. These are the type of decisions that Chast is happy to make saying the favorite part of his job is, “Ending a phone call with a stressed parent knowing you’ve made them happy.”

5:00 pm. The day is finally winding down and Chast is making follow-up phone calls and writing emails to parents and students that he spoke to throughout the day. As part of the Cady Studios “WOW” factor, he wants to make sure to “Deliver experiences and products that go beyond satisfactory.” Tomorrow is a fresh day and he’s ready to do it all over again.