5 Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are here and that means it’s time to begin the good times and gift giving! And now that you’re a senior, that means graduation is right around the corner. And that, my friends, means that the possibility of you moving out of the house increases. So why not give the gift of YOU this holiday season? Here are 5 ways to hand out your senior pictures in the best way possible!



Talk about a combo deal! A framed picture and tassel is a great gift to give this holiday season. Read on to see how you can decorate yours.



Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends! This is short list of people that would actually love to have a framed picture of you in their home or office. You can buy a plain frame and decorate it with a design or even your name and graduation year.



We’ve never met a person that disliked receiving a holiday card in the mail. Take the time out to make the people in your life feel special. A little ribbon, glue and glitter can transform your senior pics into a thoughtful holiday card.



What better time to start a scrapbook of yourself? This is a gift any parent would love! Be sure to include images of you growing up, all the way to senior year.



Fill your shadowbox with mementos of your relationship with someone. It could be for your best friend or a grandparent. If you don’t have any mementos, paper clips  and ink pens will do just fine!



BONUS Here’s a little something extra for our list! Don’t let your graduation tassel get dusty sitting in a closet or in the attic. You can get clear tree ornaments and drop it inside. Ornaments don’t necessarily have to go on a tree. Hang it on a door knob or even your car rearview mirror.