A note on Father’s Day

Fourteen years ago, Tony Skowron entered the senior photography world in Jacksonville, Florida where he began capturing the images of teens celebrating a brief period in time before they grew to be adults.

He was just scratching the surface.

Today, Skowron is a dad, a director of senior photography and a storyteller. “Although I’ve been photographing students for years, I didn’t fully understand what capturing memories meant or should mean to a family until after I was a father. Spending time with your children and creating memories is extremely important, and what’s even more special is looking back on those times and having them with you for years to come.”

As a photography company, photos are a way of life. But as a parent, they have even more meaning. “Life happens so fast,” Skowron said. “You don’t realize how much change happens because it’s gradual. Time moves so quickly and you want to cherish every moment. With photos, you can.”

Skowron has photographed hundreds of high school seniors over the years and his favorite part is discovering exactly who that student is while capturing their story for them and their parents. “I truly care about and love people; their individuality, uniqueness, likes and dislikes. Everyone has a story to tell.”

And we thank you for choosing Cady to tell yours.