Cady Studios Culture

If you’re a fun, creative and personable overachiever who loves new challenges and working with an inspiring team, you could be the next new addition to Cady Studios. Our youthful energy and sense of adventure keep us ahead of the curve and on top of our industry. To be a part of the Cady Studios team is to meet new challenges every day and collaborate on creative solutions. It’s hard work, but it’s fun work.




To surpass customer expectations with our quality, our service and our people.



Don’t just get things done; get them done right, better, and more efficiently than before. Deliver experiences and products that go beyond satisfactory. We don’t meet customers’ expectations, we wow them.

Act; don’t react. Wowing the customer means not only embracing change, but also driving it. Listen. Anticipate what customers need before they need it. Then act with urgency, meeting them ahead in the road, always in front of the competition.

Everything we do, every policy we create, and every interaction with a customer must pass the test of “easy to do business with.” The best relationships are built upon trust: Tell the truth. Do the best thing for the customer. Be friendly, timely, candid and ethical in everything you do.

Set your standards high and do not settle for “good enough.” Your work is never done; push ahead as a team to drive change and solve problems. “That’s not my department” is not in your vocabulary. If one person fails, we all fail. Work as a team to address problems and move forward.

We don’t have multiple teams. We’re all on one team with the same goal and mission: to take care of our customers, no matter what it takes. It’s your skill, respect for others, and commitment to do whatever it takes that helps make the team a “dream team”.

Always be looking for ways to find efficiencies and improvements. In order to be the best, it takes everyone striving to exceed our high standards…and getting the job done with the same or fewer resources than before. There’s always room for improvement.

Be a citizen of your community, engaged in service to those in need. Impact the world beyond the nine-to-five in ways that are unique to your story and authentic to your personality. You have been given so much; practice gratitude and give back.



Cady Studios is a leader in high school photography in Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Orlando.  Our photography services include school portraits for the yearbook, senior photography, athletic photography, and we have recently launched a new K-8 division.  Cady Studios is a fast-paced growing company that challenges the “status quo” and is on the cutting edge of photography and technology innovation.

Primarily responsible for providing an amazing customer experience & photography experience to all Cady Studios clients through photographing in various settings. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to apply!  Cady Studios will provide paid training…become a professional photographer!


  • Based on the season, the Photographer will photograph High School Seniors, underclass students, sporting events, school events (proms/dances/pageants/candids), Elite photography, students & families. All photography will follow set studio procedures and guidelines.
  • Responsible for providing extraordinary customer service and communication at all times
  • Must be able to travel to multiple locations for events that are not at the studio
  • May be required to be on-call and respond very quickly to last minute additions to your schedule
  • Represent Cady Studios in a professional manner
  • Maintain and transport equipment & money safely between schools when required.

Photography experience a plus but not required.  High school diploma or equivalent required.  Amazing customer experience aptitude and communication required.  Must be hard-working, a team player, friendly, and honest.  Must be willing to work a varied seasonal schedule, including early mornings, weekends, and long days. Must be able to travel to schools and have a valid drivers license.  Applicants must be able to lift and operate camera equipment, up to 40 lbs.

Competitive hourly wage and flexible seasonal schedule.

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We are looking for an experienced Director of Finance (Finance Director) to oversee all financial aspects of business and drive the company’s financial strategy and planning. You will be responsible for assessing the financial performance of the company as well as possible risks and investments. The goal is to guide the company towards profitability and long-term success. As such, the Finance Director should manage funds in such a manner as to maximize return on investment while minimizing risk, and while also ensuring that an adequate control structure is in place over the investment of funds.

Job Description

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures
  • Manage outsourced functions
  • Oversee the operations of the treasury department, including the design of an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department’s goals and objectives

Budgeting and Funds Management:

  • Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment
  • Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements
  • Maintain banking relationships
  • Assist in determining the company’s proper capital structure
  • Arrange for equity and debt financing
  • Manage the preparation of the company’s budget
  • Report to management on variances from the established budget, and the reasons for those variances
  • Assist management in the formulation of its overall strategic direction

Financial Analysis:

  • Engage in ongoing cost reduction analyses in all areas of the company
  • Review the performance of competitors and report on key issues to management
  • Engage in benchmarking studies to establish areas of potential operational improvement
  • Interpret the company’s financial results to management and recommend improvement activities
  • Review company bottlenecks and recommend changes to improve the overall level of company throughout
  • Participate in target costing activities to create products that meeting predetermined price goals
  • Assist in the determination of product pricing in relation to features offered and competitor pricing
  • Compile key business metrics and report on them to management
  • Create additional analyses and reports as requested by management
Job Requirements

Desired Qualifications:
The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, or equivalent business experience and 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation. Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to management. Should have an outstanding knowledge of electronic spreadsheets.

Working Environment:
Office environment, but will be expected to travel as needed to company subsidiaries.

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Job Description
We are looking for an experienced Finance Associate to assist in day-to-day operations of the company.

You will focus heavily on the accounting/finance aspect including local auditing, payroll, expenses, GL entries, bank transactions, etc. This position reports to the Finance Director and will communicate with other department heads on a daily basis.

Job Requirements

  • Local auditing, payroll, expenses, GL entries, bank transactions, etc.
  • Participate in support and management of Accounts Payable
  • Participate in support and management of Accounts Receivable
  • Conduct meetings with senior management to review performance of company
  • Preparing reports and presentations regarding finances and operations of office
  • Intimately familiar with Microsoft – Excel & Word, Quickbooks, payroll management software, as well as proficiency in order entry software
  • Expert level Excel skills
  • Experience with Quickbooks required

Desired Qualifications: The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting or 5+ years equivalent business experience. Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to management. Should have an outstanding knowledge of electronic spreadsheets.

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