A note on Father’s Day

Fourteen years ago, Tony Skowron entered the senior photography world in Jacksonville, Florida where he began capturing the images of teens celebrating a brief period in time before they grew to be adults. He was just scratching the surface. Today, Skowron is a dad, a director of senior photography and a storyteller. “Although I’ve been  … Read more

Cady Studios Feeds Local Children in Need

  Hunger doesn’t take weekends off. With more than 16.2 million children at risk of hunger each day in the United States, federal assistance for free and reduced meals in schools are able to aid the problem for so long. The same children receiving assistance during the week may not know when their next meal  … Read more

Cady Studios Partners with Duval County School

Cady Studios partnered with Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, FL this fall for the third annual Dreams Come True Tip-Off Classic in efforts to raise money for children with life-threatening diseases. The Duval County school, who has used Cady as their school photographer for a number of years, began the tournament three years ago as  … Read more

Behind the Scenes Exclusive: Cady Studios goes NYC

  Five strangers met on Friday in New York City. Two days later five friends departed home with a lifetime of memories. “Meeting everyone was my favorite part of the trip,” Reagan Reynolds stated. The Oakleaf High School Senior was one of five students selected for the Cady Studios ELITE New York trip earlier this  … Read more

From Picture Day to Your Home in Two Weeks or Less

Each fall, Cady Studios has just 90 days to photograph over 300 schools, print and ship portraits to families across the Southeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States. In just 90 minutes, Cady can photograph an entire student body (some pushing 3,000 students), and then have portraits to families within two weeks. To say  … Read more

Meet your NYC ELITE Cady Models

Five stunning seniors. Three days in the Big Apple. One opportunity of a lifetime. In just two weeks, Cady Studios will send five Elite winners to New York City where they will be photographed in iconic New York locations, styled in the latest fashion trends and given an experience they will never forget. Originating from  … Read more

Your Guide to: Five Minute Fall Activities for Mom

Each September, Labor Day brings one of the last heat waves of summer and Americans are able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing fall is around the corner. As the end of the year winds down, schedules don’t necessarily become any less hectic as school is back in full swing and holidays approach earlier  … Read more

Your Guide to: Making Premier Photoshoots Look Like Your Own ESPN Ad

Just one week separates the Meadowcreek Mustangs from their first football game of the season in Norcross, Georgia, where Cady Studios spent Saturday capturing the anticipation and excitement of the south’s favorite sport with a Premier Athletic photoshoot. Football: A way of life. Every year fans, families and players gather together each Friday night under  … Read more

Your Guide to: Making the Most of Your Senior Year

End of summer gotcha down? Good news seniors- you have just one year left. Learn to make the most of your final days in high school with this fun guide to making the most of your senior year!   be grateful for YOUR TEACHERS Think about it: You spend more time at school than anywhere  … Read more

Mandarin High School: School Culture Unveiling

Cady Studios recently created a few customized school culture items for Jacksonville, Florida’s Mandarin High School and we had the official unveiling earlier this week! After Brian Rado, the Athletic Director for MHS, mentioned to us how he’d like to update the gym area, we immediately took a tour to see what kind of school culture  … Read more

Downtown Jacksonville Studio Unveiled

The time has come to unveil our newly renovated Downtown Jacksonville Cady Studios location! Our studio has taken on a complete industrial chic look, making you feel as if you are walking through a loft or image gallery. Check out the before and afters below, to see just how much we’ve updated our look for  … Read more


AISLING | CLASS OF 2015 | ALLATOONA High WHAT has been the best part of senior year? The best part of senior year has been able to plan my life after high school, what I want to go into to and where I want to go to college. It has been so fun and I  … Read more


Raymond | CLASS OF 2015 | Englewood High WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF TAKING SENIOR PICTURES? What I enjoyed the most when taking my senior pictures was the amount of social interactions the photographer and I were having. Everyone in Cady Studios was so friendly and cool when I got to know them better.  … Read more

North Springs Premier Athletics

We recently stopped by North Springs High School for an all out epic cady studios Premier photo shoot featuring the school’s athletes. Through the rain and 40 degree weather, these students knocked it out! Shout out to all of you!! To find out how you can get cady studios premier athletics at your school, just  … Read more

Senior Feature | Leah

Leah | CLASS OF 2015 | harrison High What’s been the best part of senior year? Getting accepted to my dream school, UGA. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF TAKING SENIOR PICTURES? The photographer made me feel at ease and I had a fun time. was the water at the waterfall scene really cold? The  … Read more

Senior Feature | Ayanna

Ayanna | CLASS OF 2015 | Arabia mountain High What’s been the best part of senior year? The best part of senior year was being on the varsity cheerleading team and forming a bond with my cheer sisters. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF TAKING SENIOR PICTURES? My favorite part of taking senior pictures was  … Read more

Senior Feature | Leighton

leighton | CLASS OF 2015 | west nassau High What’s been the best part of senior year? The best part of my senior year was no doubt, Homecoming Week… From being on Homecoming Court, to being in the Homecoming parade, and even being part of all the dress up days. It’s something that I’ll never  … Read more

Senior Feature | Jordan

JORDAN | CLASS OF 2015 | Sandalwood High What’s been the best part of senior year? The best part of my senior year so far has been making memories with my friends and that I will remember for a long time and all the senior activities we have been doing at school. WHAT WAS YOUR  … Read more

5 Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here and that means it’s time to begin the good times and gift giving! And now that you’re a senior, that means graduation is right around the corner. And that, my friends, means that the possibility of you moving out of the house increases. So why not give the gift of YOU  … Read more

Acworth Grand Opening

  We are so excited to have recently opened the doors to our fourth studio location in Acworth, GA! On opening day, we had over 80 Class of 2015 students scheduled to come in for senior sessions. Wow! The students, staff and parents all made our opening day and first week a huge success. We  … Read more

Tips from our Photographers

Our photographers have endless tricks and tips up their sleeves – the kind that will liven up your session in ways you didn’t think was possible. And guess what? We finally got it out of them. Here, they reveal some of their tips for making the most out of your senior session and getting the  … Read more

00’s fashion Trends You Totally Missed Out On

1. LAYERED POLO’S + POPPED COLLARS Time to step out for evening. Let me throw on something that’ll really make me stand out. A button down? Nah. I’ll throw on a polo…or 5. And because I’m feeling good, I’ll pop my collars.” Yep, that was pretty much the mindset of the guy with the popped  … Read more

Best of Cady Studios Prom Candids

PROM MAY BE OVER BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THE MEMORIES HAVE TO BE!    Check out the video to see if you and your friends made the cut! And don’t forget, you can still download these FREE (yes, free!) prom candids by visiting: events.cadystudios.com  

5 Graduation Hairstyles

You know it’s official when you put on your graduation cap and take a look at yourself in the mirror. But what do you do with all that hair underneath? Just let it hang loosely? What about curly hair? Bunch it into a ponytail? Oh decisions decisions. Let us just show you a few videos to  … Read more

It’s Time for a Grad Party!

YOU’VE PUT IN 12 YEARS, PASSED YOUR FINALS, CROSSED THE STAGE, RECEIVED YOUR DIPLOMA, AND FINALLY…IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Below you will find a few ideas to make your graduation party one to remember! There’s really only one rule when it comes to decorating for your graduation party. Plaster your face EVERYWHERE! And we do  … Read more

What is a Personal Image Presentation?

  Personal Image PresentationS. the second greatest thing ever. Next to actually taking your senior pictures, of course. Personal Image Presentations are included with all Elite and Most Popular Sessions. After your Elite or Most Popular session, you will work with our Customer Experience Team to schedule a date and time to come back to our  … Read more

Inside Customer Experience

Name. Chast Whalen Title. Customer Experience Team Lead Time in Position. 1 year and 8 months Describe your job in one sentence. Bottom line – take care of the customer.   8:05 am. “Inquiries and escalated messages,” says Chast. It’s 8 o’clock and Chast is at his desk reading and responding to the emails that have been sent overnight. He  … Read more

Photo Day Survival Guide

You’ve laid out your outfits and shoes, made sure your hair is nice and you’ve gotten plenty of sleep. The essentials are out of the way, but what about those little things you don’t think of?   SAFETY PINS & BINDER CLIPS. Some outfits just look better when they’re not hanging off your body. Binder clips and  … Read more

17 Things to Do Before Graduation

With graduation right around the corner, now is the time to get in all those last minute bucket list ideas! We’ve compiled a list of 17 easy to do mini celebrations that lead up to graduation day.   1. SHOW OFF SOME SCHOOL SPIRIT.  It’s senior year! Get in the spirit of things. 2. ACE  … Read more